Stefano Quarta


Stefano Quarta

Sound Engineer, Keyboard player and synth programmer born in 1990.

Born in the 90’s, he grew up as muscian and synth programmer. Once he got enough experience, he started a different journey though the audio engineering. He gradueted at the Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale di Saluzzo, where he got the chance to work with top professionals as Renato Campajola, Giovanni Boscariol, Massimo Visentin, Mauro Tavella, Madaski etc.

He boasts many collaborations with important Italian and international artists such as Gianni and Vittorio Nocenzi (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso), Gregory Hutchinson, Rueben Rogers, Israel Varela, Lincoln Almada, Andrea Febo, Nicola Costa, Mario Guarini, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Daniele Bazzani, Mauro Di Domenico, Ivano Zanotti, Richard Barbieri, Bob Rose, Pine Toma, Enrico Intra etc.

N.B. In order to work with this professional it is necessary the submission of an official request in terms of availablity and costs:

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