Israel Varela


Israel Varela

Born in 1979 in Tijuana, Mexico, Israel grew up in a family filled with singers, pianists, guitarrists and orchestral conductors.

Since arriving in Rome, Varela has been one of the most in demand drummers in Europe, capturing the attention of the international music scene. But it is in the context as a flamenco drummer that the gifted artist from Tijuana has revealed all his creativity and distinctive style.

He has performed with multitudes of renowned Jazz, Flamenco, Classical and Pop artists including rewarding gigs with:  Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden, Andrea Bocelli, Pino Daniele, Bireli Lagrene, Diego Amador, Bob Mintzer, Mike Stern, Bob Sheppard, Giovanni Hidalgo, Alex Acuna, Montse Cortes, Otmaro Ruiz, Carles Benavent, Julian Heredia, John Pena, Fuensanta la Moneta, Joaquin Cortes and many others.

N.B. In order to work with this professional it is necessary the submission of an official request in terms of availablity and costs:

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