Danilo Pao


Danilo Pao

Danilo Pao is one of the most successful producer based in Rome.

Musician, Composer, Guitarist and Producer boasts collaborations with leading exponents of the Italian and International music scene such as Niccolo Fabi, Raiz, Nelly Furtado, Planet Funk, Mietta and Zero Assoluto. With Zero Assoluto got twelve gold records and six platinum records, reaching several times the top radio charts.

In 2008 he founded Deserto Rosso with Erika Savastani and thanks to this project they collaborated with severals authors and musicians such as Maurizio Costanzo, Dario Cassini and Adriano Pennino.

Currently, in his studio in Rome, he carries out different projects working with big companies such as SKY, Mediaset and RAI.

N.B. In order to work with this professional it is necessary the submission of an official request in terms of availablity and costs: booking@forwardstudios.it

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